4 Realities about Free E-Commerce Website Builders No Expert is Telling You About

Are you in this situation? You have a fixed budget. Your sales are not growing. Customers visiting your stores are reducing each dawn. Now, you are in a worry wondering what to do next. By good luck, you come along an expert who advises you to venture into the virtue market. The expert informs you about the free e-commerce website builders that you can use to start selling online.

To create interest in you, they show you the statistics on the rising number of online sales. You are falling in love with this timely idea and believe it is the only thing you needed to start harvesting cash in your businesses. But before you go partying, here are 4 realities about the free e-commerce website builders that no expert will let you in:

Limited customization features

The first reality about the free builders is that they come with limited customization. As you know, your main objective is to come up with a unique site that will win a space for you in your niche. While this is a good desire, achieving it can remain as a wish with the free option. The builders come with limited customization that may not fit with the uniqueness you want on your site.

For instance, you may want to tweak the code to customize the templates to align them with your business. However, this aspect is not available in many free options. Hence, if your desire is developing a unique e-commerce website, the lack of enough customization features may injure your goal. So, you should be aware of this reality before kicking off the site building processes with the free e-commerce website builders.

Limited disc space

Another reality of the free website builder is that you have limited disc space. Most of them offer you a storage space of 500MB. This space is inadequate to fit with your business if you’re purposing to upload colossal information. For instance, you cannot upload huge images and data which require considerable space. Thus, this aspect can hijack your marketing goals because you can only upload limited information that may not be enough to convince your customers. Nevertheless, the free builder is a good option for trying your leg on the virtual market.

It is not 100% free

Do you think free things exist? Just take it this way: someone owns a rental house in a prime area or a royal suburb. Then, they decide to offer you a room for free without charging you anything or offering you some task as an indirect payment. Do you think that can work? Indeed, it is a rare case. The same way happens in the virtual arena. No one can offer you a space to create your site for free without strings attached.

For many free e-commerce website builders, the providers use them as their marketing channels. They will display their ads on your site without compensating you. Also, you will carry along their logo wherever you go. This aspect makes it hard for you to market your brands as you are always doing a double branding – selling your brand and that of your host. So, the reality is: the builders are not 100% free. But on the other hand some of those free website builders offer an option where you can start your free trial and experience a premium service. 

You always get a sub-domain

Even though your business name will appear on your URL, you do not have a stand-alone domain name. The free e-commerce website builder offers you a sub-domain that carries their domain. This aspect may not go well with your business. Most customers cannot separate you from your builder provider. They will be viewing you as a subsidiary of that company. The aspect can either work for or against your business depending on the customers’ perception.

Hence, those are some of the realities of free e-commerce website builders you need to know.  


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