E-commerce web design basics

E-commerce web design basics

Before opening an e-commerce website and start selling online, spend time reading and understanding what it takes to open and operate one successfully. Identify your competition and find out what their strengths and weaknesses are. Most importantly, do a personal assessment and develop a budget that will see you running the site without facing any financial hurdle. These and many other considerations are discussed below.

Factors to consider when developing an e-commerce website

Business logo and website colours

This should be the first thing you come up with. Since the logo and brand colours, you decide to go with will always portray your services and you as a business owner, go for options that are attractive and have a professional appeal. You should also consider the emotional aspect when coming up with a logo, i.e. if for example, you are planning to distribute mineral water, go for light blue colours which appear to be crisp and refreshing.

Website template

The template you pick will by far determine the design you come up with and generally how your entire e-commerce website will operate. Thus, go for an option that fits well with what you have in mind. With so many sites selling templates online, you can never go wrong when it comes to choosing the right one. All that is needed is a keen eye and in-depth analysis of what’s available.

Web design

A web template provides a platform for designing your website. Thus, apart from having an attractive model, you need a beautiful design. While you can quickly come up with your plan, it is recommended that you outsource the services to a professional. There are many web designers out there who can quickly transform your ideas into practical visual results provided you give detailed information about what’s needed.

Web content

When designing your e-commerce website, you definitely will need content. Web content, in this case, refers to both the wordings, products pictures and one or two promotional videos. All these three play vital roles in ensuring you attract clients and in the process generate more revenue. Thus, ensure that you provide high quality content articles that describe your product and services in details, pictures with high resolutions which are bright and attractive and most importantly, engaging videos who are short, interest to watch and follow and have detailed information of who you are, what your e-commerce website is selling and why you are the best in the market.

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