E-commerce website requirements

E-commerce website requirements

An e-commerce website can mean the difference between faltering or flourishing online sales. Online shoppers expect a functional web store that delivers an excellent shopping experience. On the other hand, you as an e-commerce web owner expect your site to link you with different clients easily and in the process make more revenue through sales. For all these to happen, the following requirements must be met.

Responsive web design

Your clients will always expect to get access to useful information about the products or services you are selling without any headaches or second-guessing. For this to happen successfully, you must have a responsive e-commerce website in place which automatically captures your clients’ questions and provides detailed answers.

An attractive, easy-to-navigate web store design

Attraction equals persuasion, and a beautiful website will in many different ways help you convert potential clients quickly. Develop a site that supports your targeted clients throughout each step: from enticing them to visit your sales pages and see what you have on offer to inspire them to make online purchases without having second thoughts. According to research, the entire process of attracting a potential client and convincing him to make a purchase should not take more than 10 seconds.

Speedy page loading

Online shoppers want convenience, and they will never stick around if a page takes hours to load. The online shopping should be seamless secure. According to Adobe, about 44% of people will switch sites if content takes too long to load; 40% will stop engaging all together.

Product details

While online shopping is considered in many ways as a leap of faith, i.e. a shopper cannot physically touch and feel merchandise before he buys, you as an e-commerce website owner should never make them doubt you. The best way to go about this is to provide detailed information about what you are selling. Give a detailed product description, provide high-quality pictures, mentioned the available shipping options and most importantly, give details of where they can find you, i.e. the country you are operating from.

Videos and quality images

As mentioned above, online shoppers always want to know what they are purchasing before they proceed and check out. Thus, provide the details to them, through quality content and high-quality images. If you decide to use a video, develop a short clip that is informative and interesting. If you choose to use pictures, ensure you provide high-quality options.


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