Four facts about e-commerce website development

Four facts about e-commerce website development

There are around 150,000 e-commerce websites running and generating meaningful revenue today. Whether you are introducing a new e-commerce website or you are merely trying to revamp your already existing website, this post is for you. Read on and learn how to successfully design and run a professional e-commerce website today.

Pick the right theme

The right theme is vital when you are launching or developing an e-commerce website. While you may easily think that you need a popular, cutting-edge design, it is essential that you come up with something that is user-friendly, functional, and easy to navigate. User experience should be your top priority from the start.

However, always have in mind that simply does not mean boring. A boring e-commerce website will quickly and still drive your potential clients away even if you are using it to sell most sought-after products or services.

Pick the right platform

Similar to picking the proper design, choosing the right platform should be considered as being a vital step which requires focus.  With shoppers making 51% of their purchases online, you definitely should have a good e-commerce website which you can use to attract them. You need a platform that is easy for clients to update and navigate on the one hand and difficult for hackers to break on the other side.

Take advantage of SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO will help your site become more visible, and in the process, help pull traffic. Due to its importance, SEO should always be at the heart of your plan for your e-commerce website. Spend some time studying SEO best practices and put what you have learned to practice when developing your site.

Prioritize security

Your brand is one of the critical things different people will use to identify you with. Thus, as a focused business owner, one of the key priorities should be to protect it at all costs. For starters, have proper security systems in place which will protect your clients’ data from hackers.  Ensure your site support SLL which usually encrypts security information. Also, ensure your e-commerce website complies with PCI, which is another important security method if you decide to accept digital payment. In line with having all these security features in place, have emergency call lines which your clients can use to contact you directly when they are in need of help.

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